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Certification Class Testimonials

"The class and a lot of studying were essential to tackling the exam. Having a class to attend each week helped me to stay personally accountable and on track. Getting to interact with other talented and motivated professionals was a great bonus!"

- Diana Simeroth, SPHR 

"I wanted to share with you that I passed the PHR!! So excited to have accomplished this milestone! I couldn’t have done it without this class. It gives a perfect description on what to expect as far as the way questions are asked. I couldn’t have done this without your and the other facilitators feedback."

- Jill Crawford, PHR

"I've been working at a small manufacturing business in the oil and gas industry since 2012.  We wear a lot of hats, and the HR position hasn't ever been clearly defined.  Rather, the roles have been shared between myself, and the CFO.  My background is in political science and my first jobs were in law firms and insurance offices.  As much as I enjoy working for my current employer, it is clear that there's limited advancement opportunities due to the size of the company, and the company's mission doesn't necessarily include becoming large, simply profitable and with priorities on quality equipment and customer service.  So I ventured into getting my HR certification in order to build on my personal education, and give myself more options in the future.  

A friend of mine, who is an office manager for a distributor in Dallas, informed me that she took the prep class offered by Fort Worth HR prior to getting her certificate and that it really helped.  She was absolutely correct!   Coming into this, I had no formal HR training, other than on each specific task as it applied to our small business.  So there was an enormous amount of new material for me to learn.  Having just passed the SPHR exam, I feel confident in saying that I couldn't have passed this test without knowledge gained in the class.  The unit content sessions, I felt, were sufficient enough to give a foundation to build on.  But more importantly, the class itself became an invaluable tool.  Being able to hear about real-life experiences, from instructors and classmates,as it related to the content discussed helped to anchor the broad concepts, which proved to be more important in the end than any rote learning or memorization.  I don't do well learning straight from books.  Self-lead learning works for some, but when there is so much content to cover, I would have been lost.  I did study, but I waited until after we finished a unit in the class, and then I would take practice tests (included with the HRCP online text books), and then focus on the sections where I had missed answers.  Still, when I took the test, I had some surprises.  It had more questions on some concepts that I hadn't spent as much time studying.  But the class taught me some approaches and mindsets I could take and apply to critical reasoning to come to the correct answers.  

I would highly recommend the HRCP prep course to anyone planning on taking/retaking the SPHR.  If I could go into this with little more than on-the-job training at a small business (where many of the HR policies don't necessarily apply), and do little more than take this class and study, then I think that says a lot about the effectiveness of the course."

- Craig Maucere, SPHR



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