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The Fun Question

29 May 2019 11:14 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Have you ever wondered about the third question on the luncheon surveys for recertification credit?  This month's question asked about specific areas of HR technology desired for Summer School.  Obviously the correct answer involves HR chatbots that act like humans that will free us HR professionals so we can leave work early undetected by needy employees.  No worries if you didn't answer that correctly.  Still, this third question, asked by our Programs Director, Dottie Muldowney, helps her select speakers for popular topics. 

Sometimes, though, that question is just for fun.  Here's a look back to 2018 at some of the fun questions, and answers, posed to our professionals.

In March 2018 we asked, "What is the best part of working in HR?"  Nearly half of respondents said that helping others was the best part of their job, which makes chatbots now seem like the wrong answer.  Other answers included variety of work, improving their organization and challenging oneself—all noble reasons for being in the profession. 

Back in May, we asked who is your favorite HR influencer.  The top awards go to Cy Wakeman, Patrick Lencioni, and John Maxwell, with special mention going to two former FWHR presidents, Mike Coffey and Justin Dorsey.  Oh boy!  I think I see an M-J speakers bureau in the near future.

In July we asked what people were doing for their vacations.  Top spots went to Boston, Port Aransas, and Colorado.  And who are the people that went to the Bahamas, Brazil, Italy, and Costa Rica?  If you ever need a guide to exotic places…well that's not me.  But I will give you guidance after we stay at a Holiday Inn Express.  I figure that we can be just like Rick Steves on TV, and if we happen to get lost we’ll just whip out the GPS and ask the locals.  ¡Google Translate es bueno!

"What's your favorite memory from the first day back to school?" we asked last August.  Who didn't like seeing their friends again after a long summer break?  At a time before Facebook, seeing friends again was the favorite response.  Also popular was getting new school supplies like backpacks, tennis shoes, new clothes, #2 pencils and crayons, hopefully not to eat.  And many people were nervous about the first day back, whether it was because of the new teacher or because of the new classmates you were to meet.  Or, maybe it was because you were afraid you'd run in to the bully.  Kudos to the person brave enough to admit he or she got a swirly at the start of 3rd grade.  Had I been old enough, I would've bullied that person to stop bullying you.  Inappropriate but true.

October's question was the most popular, and it asked respondents about their favorite part of fall.  Lots of stuff popped up here: food, pumpkins, pumpkin spice, the holidays, and good ole gridiron football.  I just flexed.  And to the person who mentioned that the time change was their favorite part of fall, we cannot be friends.  Even if it is "falling back", daylight savings time needs to go dodo, and if I were a politician I'd run on that issue.  (Seriously, please end DST.)  Back on task, the top answer repeated by over half of respondents was the weather.  Capturing the interest of many was the falling tree leaves in the cool, crisp air.  The beautiful colors seemed to be like therapy to most everyone. 

Thank you, FWHR, for sharing insight into your lives.  You have more in common than you know, so be brave and strike up conversations with each other.  Until the next question, take care.

Jon Evans
President, FWHR



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